How I Began

I began painting as a young child inspired by the artwork of my father, grandfather and the Laguna Beach art scene of the 1960s and 70s. In addition to the influence of my dad and granddad, I studied with Ed Miracle, one of the artists who painted for the well-known Laguna Beach Pageant of The Masters.

Through the years I was constantly encouraged by my parents to explore and practice my skills. I was lucky enough to have parents who were actively involved in the arts. As a result, throughout my childhood and teen years I learned about jewelry making, wood working, stained glass and painting. I learned about color and how color behaves in different media; I learned about shape and form, shadow and light.

I began my family in the 80s, and it was then that I put my love of art aside until my children were in high school. I soon rediscovered my passion for creating something beautiful for others to enjoy. I began working with mixed media art, watercolors, jewelry and eventually acrylic painting.

In 2014 I opened my online Etsy shop. My art and jewelry sold well on Etsy and I was encouraged to pursue my creative passion. I had an idea for a necklace with a magnifying glass that served a practical purpose, as well as a beautiful piece of jewelry. The necklace caught on and I experimented with adding beads, sea glass, and charms to adorn the magnifying glass. At this point I’ve completely lost count of how many magnifying glass necklaces I have made, but I still enjoy coming up with new ideas to embellish and enhance the jewelry experience for my patrons.

Ten years later and I am always happy to spend time in my studio designing and creating visual and wearable art. I now sell and ship my art all around the globe. It is fulfilling and rewarding to know that something I fell in love with as a child has served me so well. Most importantly I am so happy that I followed my dreams, and somewhere along the way discovered myself.

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